Leading teams – Six Possible indicators That you are with the right team

Leading teams – Six Possible indicators That you are with the right team

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  • June 14, 2023

A team that is effective at achieving goals can deliver great results. You have most likely been in such a group at one point or another during your career. Having the best people is a key contributor to building a successful group. There are 6 factors that can help determine whether your team is right.

Indicator 1: Good fit in terms values

Most organizations have their own set of values. Dwayne Rettinger sets a high standard of excellence in leadership. Whether they are written down or otherwise, most organisations adhere to them. You will face challenges as long as there is a difference between the values of your team members and those that are held by your organization. It is essential to find out the values of team members before selecting them for senior positions.

Indicator 2. You do not have to micromanage your employees

To make a successful team you must have members you can trust. Micromanagement is not necessary. With good people in the team, it is possible to manage with a light hand.

Indicator 3. People are able to tell the difference between jobs and duties

People who consider themselves to be job-oriented are first of all concerned with completing their tasks and doing the things they have been assigned. However, those who focus on responsibilities are well aware of the fact that they have been hired to get results.

Indicator 4: People deliver on commitments

Have you ever been a part of a work team in which people make a great deal of promises but then deliver very little? You know how frustrating that can be. You can be sure that the people you choose for your team will fulfill their commitments.

Indicator #5: The employees are motivated by their jobs and the company

Some people accept a job based on the compensation and benefits offered. They work because the company and their work are important to them. People in government are good examples. It is the passion, professionalism and conviction of the employees that drive the public sector forward even under criticism.

Indicator 6. People who give others credit

Team leaders who are the best know they can’t do it alone. The best team leaders will not take credit for their own results, but rather give it to those that have done the work to get there.

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