Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine Flooring

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  • July 3, 2023

A mezzanine floor is built inside another building for storage and display purposes. It can also be used to build extra offices. The best materials are used to construct quality mezzanines, including lightweight steels as well as high quality powder coated accessories. Quality mezzanines must be designed and built to comply with BRE Digest 43 7, as well as other British Standards. It results in mezzanines with the best design, finish, and quality. Quality mezzanines must conform to the structural code BS5950 parts 1 and 5 for steel. All walkways and ladders must also comply with the relevant building regulations.

In a structure, mezzanine floors can be found between the other floors. The mezzanine floor is a type of platform, but it can also be built for other purposes. In shops, mezzanine floors can provide additional storage space as well as a platform to showcase goods.

The mezzanine can either be semi-permanent, or permanently installed, depending on your needs and the construction of the building. This type of floor is often found in shops, office buildings, and warehouses. Construction of a mezzanine level in a store or warehouse is primarily to maximize the available floor space.

There are several ways to construct mezzanine flooring, depending on the specific requirements. Mezzanines that are designed for balconies or viewing platforms can also be constructed.

High quality mezzanine flooring is constructed using three primary materials. These are:


Depending on the use, you can choose from a variety of materials.

o Steel grating
o Aluminium grating
o Heavy duty fibre glass grating

The mezzanine level is the ideal storage area for all types of goods. Mezzanine floors are often installed in warehouses or shops that have high roofs.

These mezzanines are often built to exacting specifications and produce a high-quality product. Many of these types are custom made to the specifications and needs of each customer. The mezzanine may even be built to match the design of the building and look like it was part of that original construction. This mezzanine type is usually permanent.

Hand rails will provide a barrier of some sort to prevent falls on the mezzanine floor. Handrails will be installed on the staircase that leads to the elevated floor.

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