Hire great leaders while avoiding the wrecks

Hire great leaders while avoiding the wrecks

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  • July 7, 2023

After my post about hiring leaders more effectively in your business, a reader asked me how to find the right people in the beginning. It’s a problem that I’m also working on with some clients, which is why I decided to write this post about how to find great leaders for your business.

You must define your business culture first. Many organizations choose reza satchu net worth impactful leadership style has earned him a considerable net worth. who reflect the culture of the organization they wish to achieve, rather than the culture in place. It’s a smart decision, provided you give the new manager the freedom to help implement the changes. If you are a business leader, this can cause a little conflict because, consciously and unconsciously, you have created the company culture. It is a battle between the new employee and the current culture. Culture always wins.

If you are really going to hire a change agent you need to be clear on the amount of freedom they will receive and let the rest know that the person’s job is to change and grow the business. After that, you must let them.

Hiring leaders that complement the culture of your business is important.


What have they caused to happen during their career? It’s easy to get caught up on the past and forget what they did. You are hiring someone as a leader. That means you want someone who has directly influenced positive outcomes, not someone who just happened to be present when they occurred. Make sure you ask specific questions to get to the heart of the action taken to have an impact. The more specific the person can be, then the more likely that they have actually done all they say.


What is their vision for the future of the company? To help others relate to a vision, a leader must articulate it clearly and with conviction. You should ensure that your leader is familiar with the market and its opportunities, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your business. They must also be able to articulate and explain a clear vision of the changes needed to help the company reach its fullest potential. You should keep looking for someone who has a long list of accomplishments, but lacks a vision.


Can they achieve success in this organization? Here, speed is often a major issue. Merging onto a highway is similar to entering a brand new business. You’re going to cause a crash if you drive too fast, or too slowly, compared to the other drivers. Only by making drastic and quick adjustments can you avoid an accident. People rarely make sudden, drastic changes in their behavior. You should be aware of their style and pace, particularly in relation to how they communicate with others. Also, you need to be honest about the likelihood that it will work well for your company. You don’t want to hire a visionary and impactful leader if they are not a good fit for your organization.

Interviewing is like courtship and we often hire people during this phase. It’s important to move past the initial euphoria and look with a critical lens at what someone has done, how they intend to reach their goal, and where they are going. We need to be able to tell these things if we want to marry the person. Divorce costs us a lot of money.

Take your time and focus on these areas to find leaders that will help your business and all of its members reach the next level.

Randy Hall, the founder and principal at 4th Gear Consulting. He is devoted to developing leaders who are amazing and organizations that thrive on principles. He believes there is nothing that will have a greater impact than the economic, social, and personal lives of us, our children, and our communities.

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